Greed-Nano as been released !

Friends of mine who play Geed game type ask me to make a Greed variation of Nano a while ago.

I didn’t know how to make a GRD map. Now that I’m working on CTF maps, I learn few things about CTF & made some play test in Greed mode to understand more & appreciate that game type. I decide to make a GRD version & while I was had it, I also made lot’s of pickups changes & do other minors stuff. FYI, this is the readme dev section :

. Remove all powerups (Bezerk, Invisibility & Invicibility)
. Replace the Invicibility by the Udamage
. Place the red flag base where the bezerk was, the blue flag where the vest was
. Place the vest where the Invisibility was & replace the belt by another vest so each side get a vest
. Switch around helmet / tights location to accommodate the new weapon placement
. Redone all weapons configuration & redone all ammo placement. Only pickups remaining unchanged are the medium health
. Redone sky material
. Redone preview screen
. Enhance other minors things

Now, you can grab the map in the finals. I also update Epic & UOF threads. Enjoy 😀

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