A big bunch of CTF maps coming from “AdrenalineParty website” been added in the finals.

There all coming from AdrenalineParty. The main page don’t have any info (authors, map version, etc).

At the time of this writing, you’ll find :

CTF-All along
CTF-City day
CTF-City day v. 2
CTF-City night
CTF-Face classic
CTF-Walk way


  1. well i guess i made those maps 🙂
    All maps are latest available version’s, that’s why i didnt post any version numbers on them due to frequent modification in the past.
    Most have not been modified for a long time, so no need to worry about never versions.
    Lst modifications were done to “CTF-Face classic”
    Last CTF map made was “CTF-City day v. 2”

    Also check invasion maps.
    Invasion maps are TDM playable, so if you have Team Death match server you can play those maps on Team death match with no problems.


  2. Good, for the CTF maps, I’ll add your name with the ? version on all maps.

    As for the others game types like DM, TDM, BR, Invasion, etc, I only post those if I add them to the my top picks or my great picks to come or they’re very special / different / a part from the mass.

    THX for letting me know 😉


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