SciFi / Industrial kit 2.0, a awesome purchase!

This month, there is over 1 000 Marketplace assets on sale for 50% off 😀 I’ve bought this really awesome SciFi / Industrial kit 2.0 pack from my favorite list which feature 1 400 static meshes (SM)! I first thought it was a typing error, because 1 400 is a freaking huuuuuuuuuuuge number of assets, but it really is 1 400 😮 For 52$, tx included, it’s really a good bargain for this amount of HQ assets 🙂

Now, since the pack isn’t compatible with 4.15.0, I can’t just migrate the assets, I must export from UE4.2x and import all the assets (SM, textures, etc.) in the UT Editor, recreate all the materials which will be a extremely long process. But, I’m not in the hurry 😉

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