My new map with Mothership service rooms assets


Now that I bought the Mothership service rooms assets. It’s time to use them 😀

First, there are assets I really don’t understand their use. Like a vent that you can’t see outside when you’re in it. It’s logical, but since they are half size the player, I don’t intent to use them for traveling… There another mesh which is a wall corner but doesn’t have the wall to go with it… Bah, at least there as many great assets I can play with and make an entire level out of those meshes 😀

I took a break from DM-Cruel and start my new map. It’s called DM-Thaq. And I’m happy to finally create something futuristic AND also dirty. It won’t be a big level. Something to accomodate 8 players max. Since past friday night, I worked on this room to finally finish it and I’m satisfied by the result so I’m happy to share the pics with the world 🙂

Preview build quality

Full build quality

Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉


  1. Looking good Steve! Some great atmosphere your gestating. The content Mothership Service Rooms reminds me a lot of Alien(s) movie series.

    Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for your efforts = )

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  2. Ha ha, THX my friend 😀

    Indeed, I also have the same feeling about the assets. Crafting a scene with those and with proper lighting, it look and feel awesome I must say 🙂 I also add particles like dust, smoke, steam, water leaks etc and the result is WOW! I like it very much, héhéhé!

    The only thing that is annoying using those assets are that there ‘back’ is open so light behind pass trough 😦 I first started to add planes behind the meshes to cut the lighting from passing trough but after many tests, I’ve decided to add the level inside a BSP shell so that way, meshes aren’t getting bouncing light from their ‘back’. BUT, on the other hand, I can’t get light from the directional light, which I want in certain areas so BSP cut will be necessary. Nothing is easy…

    It’s my first map for UT4 that has this sci-fi / industrial / dirty look and I love it 😀

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    1. Wow, despite all the trouble these assets are giving you, the result is par excellence. Just a thought, is it possible to contact the author and let them know the issue, as Epic set this up with level designers in mind?

      I hear your frustration though, we learn from our mistakes and solider on.

      I’m enjoying your progress = )


      1. So I did what you suggested,

        In the content browser, in the SM settings, I found a setting which is call ‘Double side geometry’ under the SM section. After a light build, the result was worst.

        In the scene, I selected the SM, I found another setting under the Lighting section call ‘Shadow two side’ and again, the result was very bad.

        Therefore THX for the hint. Those settings may work good with other SM but it’s not my case. Still I’ll try those if the problem is happening again on another set of SM 🙂


        1. That’s not what you want… Details panel on meshes in the maps. Set it to cast shadows as if two sided.


          1. I already explain that in my previous post.. :

            ‘In the scene, I selected the SM, I found another setting under the Lighting section call ‘Shadow two side’ and again, the result was very bad.’

            Unless your talking about another setting?


  3. It should be doable to contact the author but I doubt to obtain a result. From a performance POV, it’s better for the unseens surfaces to be deleted. It consume less resources. But you must use some tricks to compensate that and this is what I’ve done with BSP.

    I won’t have a problem crafting something great, don’t worry 😉

    The only thing this pack is missing are some individual pipes 😦 There is a massive mesh that is full of meshes put together but there is no simple pipe. I think I’ll have to obtain some from another pack.

    Also, deco meshes are missing but I could grab a awesome sci-fi barrel which I tweak the mat to make it look dirty and used 😀

    I’m addict to those meshes and it seem I leave DM-Cruel on the side lol!

    It’s very nice to know that someone is watching me building this thing and share is thoughts 😀


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