My first map for UT4, DM-Delta release!

I’m please to announce the release of my new map for UT4, DM-Delta 😀

I’ve been working hard on this map since months now. I was interested to play with UE4 features and see what I could come up with. In the contrary to my previous maps, I didn’t had a layout in mind so my goal was to build something that look nice and fun to play. A simple FFA map 🙂

This first release (R1) is a complete one. I mean that meshing, lighting, music, sounds, blocking volume, collisions, story, preview pic are done. I’m interested about issues or exploits and maybe pickup placement suggestions. I already mentioned that the first HUB that will get the map is Unreal Carnage. I hope you will have fun playing it.

For all info about the map, head over here. Note that the pics aren’t up-to-date. It look better ingame. Enjoy 😀


  1. A small but beautiful map. I liked the combination of colors and gamma in general. The gameplay is also quite good, although I do not like the gameplay UT4 a strange curve straife and bad AI bots. But the map is good. It is a pity that not UT 3.


  2. Map stopped working. 4.15. Another senseless update, useless FlagRun, low FPS and inaccessible to the user maps. ,,Thank you ” Epic! I hope one day they will understand that such methods are scared away everyone who makes maps. Enthusiasm is not infinite.


    1. Hi m8, THX for your support 😀

      Until the game reach a stable phase, bad moments like this patch will sadly be repeating 😦 That’s the dev process, unfortunately. It took around 10 hours to make a complete build!


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