Polycount UT Master Challenge: Concept Art, Deck

Mind blowing entries as been posted in the Polycount UT Master Challenge: Concept Art thread 😀 It is very impressive and inspiring to see all those ideas !

One map that seem to be a reference is DM-Deck. This map as been very popular in all UT’s and it seem it will continue to be “the” map for UT4. Remakes, straight ports or custom maps are already in dev if your following the UT4 maps WIP forums 😉

I always like Deck but also many others. Still this post is to show the Deck entries that are for me, spectacular ! I hope to be able to play Deck maps that look that good in UT4 🙂 Above each entries, you’ll find the link for all WIP’s threads.

UTMC – Codexe by codexe

UTMC – Liandri Arena by Gooba

UTMC – Mid-tech Industrial by Lefaust

UTMC – New Age Industrial by wez

UTMC – Return to Chizra Temple by Loginus

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