Unreal Tournament 4, the beginning

I’ve been browsing UE4 forums since a while now. Specially the new UT4 section. I must say there is a lot of enthusiasm from everyone that like UT. Interest come from player, developer, mapper, modeler, skinner, scripter, etc and it’s awesome to see all that activity. In fact, it’s been ages I didn’t saw so much interest for a new UT 🙂 Keep in mind the game is in a very early stage but seeing so much involvement coming from everywhere with official support, it will be a blast for sure 😀

Now, since I’m a mapper, I see there is already a high amount of remakes and other maps that as been introduce for UT3 for example that will be release for UT4. I’ve been surprised to see the mapper Sneh on UT4 mapping forum since he left the UT3 scene many years ago leaving a bunch of unreleased classic maps ! He’s now working on them again, yippie ! ChongLee, a well now mapper as also jump into UT4, which is a great news for all. He’s one of the best UT3 mapper I know and one of my favorite héhé ! Few veterans are also started to work on new maps for UT4 ! This is simply awesome ! Take a look at those, they are very promising :


DM-Ariza by IllpIll
DM-Deck-CLee by ChongLee
DM-Gothic by Sneh
DM-Idoma by Trev and Mariomguy
DM-HyperBlast by Sneh
DM-Peak-CLee by ChongLee
DM-Sulphuris by Paradox_

Other very interesting maps

1on1 Chamber by Castle
CTF-Bleak by Tigerclaw
CTF-NeoTokyo by KitatusStudios
CTF-Sprinta246 by Tigerclaw
CTF-Test-JP01 by Jayoplus
DM-Akidot by Jayoplus
DM-DeepBlue by ChongLee
DM-Hope by Teddie
DM-JunkJitsu by Teddie
DM-LostToMemory by Lord_Porksword
DM-NoEscapeSewers by ChrisHolden
DM-Reverie by Wormz
DM-Shine by Wail


  1. Hey Steve, curious if you signed up for subscription yet. Remember you can buy and then discontinue for a while and then re-up only when you need an update.


    1. Hi Martin.

      I didn’t subscribe yet and I don’t think I’ll do it neither. It is very tempting for sure seeing all the possibilities of UE4. The thing is, I don’t want to pay for a software that I’ll use only for hobbies. I mean, I don’t intent to get a job in the industry nor get involved in a professional game / mod, stuff like that.


      1. I understand. There was a hint that they may release a free version of the editor for UT mappers at some point (don’t have a forum link) after the first major release. I’m hoping that I can map without spending too much on keeping it updated. I figure if the game is free but I have to update the editor twice, then I’m still only out $40 which is around the cost of a game.


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