UE4 community + Epic = The future of Unreal Tournament

Few weeks ago, a community project was started to build the next Unreal Tournament using the powerful UE4 since there was nothing at the horizon from Epic. The project was called Open Tournament :). Therefore, Open Tournament project gets discontinued since Epic new Unreal Tournament as been announced.

Development of Unreal Tournament for PC, Mac and Linux begins May 8th, in the open, between Epic, Unreal Engine 4 developers, modders and the community. The game will be totally free. In the video below, meet a few of the folks at Epic who are kicking off the collaboration !

Another awesome news, Michiel van den Bos was one of the two main composers for the original Unreal and Unreal Tournament. He was contacted asking him to get involved, due to the announcement of the new UT. He made a post in the forums. I’m a big fan of all the music tracks that came with the games and I’ll be more than happy if the new UT include stuff from him 😀

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