Stevie’s corner revamped !

Hello dear readers,

As you notice, Stevie’s corner as completely change his look 🙂 I wanted a new look and also make some sections of the site more visible. Many menus and links as been updated to reflect the current state of the Unreal Engine and also I’m happy to mention my new UE4 resources page for those who will jump into the new engine 😀

Notice the search function is now available by the black magnifying glass located in the grey bar at the right of the Unreal Tournament main menu 😉


  1. Dont really like ya new look to be honest Stevie! I should continue searching something either not so white or go back to the old one 😉 Thats just my opinion 🙂


    1. I’m sorry to read you don’t like the new look of my blog little bro 😦 But, I prefer this cleaner and lighter look. Perhaps, you will like the next look when I’ll get bored of this one 😉


  2. Hah I’m just so used to your old skin I think 🙂 It was a bit more confined, but some more pleasent to read, since I feel I somehow need more scrolling now :S since everything is so big.
    But all but all nothing changed to the content of your great website which I still visit regurarly, bro 🙂


    1. Indeed, you’re right about that bro, the information in the older theme was more confined, hence less scrolling. Still, I’m getting old so I need to see bigger lol. Joke a part, I’m happy to see your still visiting me bro and THX for the quality content compliment too 😀


  3. Looks cool to me even though i’ll need some time to adjust to the changes. A bad point for me is that it loses the side menu on mobile. I’m fine with it though 😉


    1. Great 🙂

      Sadly, I notice the lost of the side menu on my Android smartphone after the theme change 😦 But I rarely access my blog on mobile so I doesn’t really matter for me and hopefully for you too 🙂

      I just discover your blog, it’s a cool one too m8. Niiiiice 🙂


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