Unreal Old Friends 2013 projects

Being part of the UOF team, I’m very happy to share this new ‘Coming soon!‘ thread on UOF forums which consist of posting teasers of what to expect from the UOF members for UT3 in 2013! 😀 You can also stay up-to-date by visiting Unreal Old Friends on Facebook 🙂


  1. VERY EXCITED for these maps! I really need to get making some more DM maps. Will be sure to download these.

    Are you working on any of these featured Steve or have you got some others coming?


    1. Well Pete, for what I can tell about the maps, they are really awesome looking maps & they all play nicely 😀

      Indeed, I’m working on a DM map which is base on the same assets as CTF-Mako. Therefore, I can’t reveal any details about this new DM map nor any other UOF maps so visit the UOF thread for new development & upcoming stuff because the UOF team as plenty of stuff in the work at the moment 🙂


        1. It is much easier indeed since all textures, materials, post processing, ambient sounds, music, etc are already set 😀

          Yep, it’s cool 🙂


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