NaissanceE birth by Mavros Sedeño

Completely insane and creepy environment 😀 Damn, I dream to be able to make a playable map with this kind of environment !

From the author : In continuation with my first mod Naissance Jeux d’ombres released en 2007, NaissanceE is a short first person adventure in a big unusual world. Taking place in a primitive mysterious structure, the game mainly consists to explore and feel the deep and strong ambiance of this atemporal universe but platforming and puzzles sections will also enrich the experience. Loneliness, confrontation to gigantic architectures and imagination provided by philosophical journey in this lost area should enjoy players waiting for this kind of disturbing trip, lead by contemporary meditative music. For now the development progression is quite satisfying but a lot of work still need to be done, so public release should be somewhere in 2013.

You can find all the info at the IndieDB page 🙂

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