CTF-Mako, second post

I’m happy to say that my third CTF map, CTF-Mako is now finished 😀 It is my first reverse CTF and it’s non stop action!

My first intention was to release a pre-final at the beginning of December, then the final the 12/12/12. My mapping time since the first post was almost none because real life kept me busy.

This month, CBP3 vol. 5 was a surprise for the community and I was asked to beta test the pack in private before the public release. So for the few moment I had with UT3, it was about beta testing. I didn’t had the time to test all the maps from the pack, sadly so even less time to work on my stuff. So, the community have a new bunch of awesome maps from the CBP3 team, more the holidays are only in 1 week.

That being said, I change my mind and won’t release a pre-final. I’ll release the final instead simply because the map please me as it is. There is no issues, it look, play, sound & feel as I want. Therefore, I’ll release a 1.1 version if a serious issue appear. Expect the final release in the first days of January 2013.

You can follow the release of my map at my UOF thread 🙂


  1. Very nice bro 🙂 Looks very clean and ambient 🙂
    Can’t wait to play it.

    Completely unrelated to your map: Could you post my blog at yours too? ^^


      1. Your section from Level Design which includes most blogs from other mapps like Cr4zy, Archenar, Hourences, McLogenog etc. > It doesnt include me you meanie 😦

        Haha ^^


        1. Ha, that section of my site! This short list represent a small percent of the m8’s I know in the community who have a blog. This list as nothing to do with UOF even if you know those designers. Only thing I can say is do not take it personal if your name ain’t there.


      1. Ah d’accord 🙂

        Je conçois les maps & test plus celles des autres que je joue. Je suis plus en mode conception / tests qu’en mode jouer.


        1. kk, je comprends. Moi j’essaie de jouer plus et de commencer a creer les maps mais j’ai malheureusement pas beaucoup de temps ces jours-ci. Parcontre j’ecris aussi des review pour des maps cree par la communaute de jeux differents sur mon site. A present, je regarde les jeux suivants: UT3 et Thief, deux de mes preferes ;D


          1. Effectivement, mapper requiert beaucoup de temps ! Tes revues sont très bonnes, donc, bon travail puis ton site est aussi cool.

            Par contre, je te suggère d’obliger un login pour que les gens puissent voter afin de savoir qui vote. C’est trop facile de voter de façon anonyme. Plusieurs personnes malfaisantes peuvent voter une note basse juste pour faire du mal à l’auteur. De forcer un login (inscription) permet de déceler / d’annuler les faux votes.

            En tout cas, tu a choisis 2 jeux classiques lol 🙂


            1. Thanks man 🙂 I’m not sure, if i set up a login system, will wordpress actually force you to login to rate the maps? If it will, that’s great and I’ll set it up, it’s a great idea!

              Also, thank you for check out my site 🙂 je l’apprecie beaucoup!


              1. Well, you can force user to log (email required) in your wordpress settings. I don’t know if it also apply to voting but it worth a try 😉

                Your welcome m8 😀


    1. THX bud! I too, love the look, it’s crisp & clean. It’s the first time my lighting is so simple but make the map look that good. To obtain that look, it’s mostly a mix of high detailed materials, well tune PP effect, variation in lighting (various main & ambient colors) 😀

      I intent to make a new DM after with the same assets. Expect the release at the beginning of 2013 🙂


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