CTF-Mako, first post

I’m happy to say that I’m progresssing very fast on my third CTF map, CTF-Mako 😀 It is my first reverse CTF and it’s non stop action ! It is mostly done, roughly at 95%. A Pre-final will be release in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, you can follow the dev of my map on UOF forums.


  1. Wow, Steve you’re going crazy on the mapping! Just out of curiosity are you making your own textures these days?


    1. Ha ha !

      Well buddy, I was very inspired to begin with if you check the map details in the map page 🙂 As for the textures, in fact, to reach my goal, I wanted to obtain a clean-industrial-techy look & the appropriate textures I had in mind are from CraZy textures set & made for his DM-Edge map (check in my UT3 resource page for more details about that).

      A DM version is planned, it still in my head & building it should start in the upcoming weeks.


      1. That’s cool. Funny, the first time I saw the screenshot, I noticed the yellow and silver texture and wondered if those were from DM-Edge (a fave of mine). Not that it sticks out or anything – you have it all blended perfect. I’m amazed at where your skill level is now. Maybe Epic will give you a call for UT4 (if there ever is one) ;-).


        1. THX for the compliment buddy 😀 As you, I can say my skills have really evolve over time & I’m very happy about that. Therefore, there is sooooooooo much to learn ! It’s not always obvious for me but I do my best to harmonize all materials together to make a final look the more appealing as possible.

          For UT4, we’ll see lol 🙂


    1. Merci bcp 😀

      Effectivement, ce ne sont pas de nouvelles textures. Toutefois, c’est la 1ière fois qu’elle sont utilisées à la grande surprise de l’auteur même (CraZy) héhé 🙂


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