CTF-Yaijm by XYZ8000 released

A new final map from XYZ8000 (aka DeathoX 8) as been released. Looking nice, lovely BSP work 😀

From him :

This map is the Capture the Flag conversion of my JB-Yaijm, which was created for the Jailbreak mod. The map is pretty much the same, but there are some cosmetic and bot pathing improvements. For those who haven’t played the original, this map is a medium-sized CTF map with plenty of routes and trickjumps, it is a bit more frantic than the traditional CTF maps. The recommended player count is 10-16 players, although it can hold pretty well more players/bots. It is build almost entirely with BSP, using the HourKraden texture set, so there shouldn’t be any performance problems. Enjoy.

Official / Epic / BU


  1. Yep, this BSP base map as awesome geometry 😀 I wish I could build level like that ! Hourences textures are really great, no wonder why they had been used so much since years 🙂 I also would like to use them too in another map, if i can do so ofc.


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