DM-Amyrade is now final!

I’m happy and proud to announce the final release of my first 100% BSP based made DM map, Amyrade 😀

You can visit and leave your feedback directly on my official map page or on Epic forums or on UOF forums 🙂 Have fun !



    Haha, this should be my feedback next to: OMFG BRUSHES! *Horny* what I wrote earlier haha.

    The variations in materials is just amazing. So much work and so detailed in so many brushes.
    Nothing but respect for you on this map.
    Smaller pointlights really give this map an amazing ambience. You did a great job on eliminating repetitiveness and boring spots. A Pro level is a level that has a 360 degree view in which every angle never shows repetitiveness or face loss. This map is one of those cases!
    Also great that this map has been optimized for TDM. I like air comboing in teams ^^.


  2. Ha ha!

    THX for posting twice bro, it’s very nice & appreciated hihi 😀 I had your kind comments in my “reviews section” in the map page 🙂

    Well, repetitiveness is hard to avoid with BSP so that is why I’ve made so much materials, combining complex & simple materials side by side so everything “pop” without looking to busy. It was a good learning experience with BSP héhé 😮

    So I’m happy you like it bro & THX again 😉


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