New ‘Decals 02 : Sci-Fi’ by Nobiax

A new bunch of awesome sci-fi decals 😀

Deviantart link


  1. Yep, awesome stuff. I would also like to use them in my CTF-1on1 but I don’t know how to setup that kind of decals to be honest ?! It’s not like the regular decal you only use a simple texture !


  2. Salut steve. Pour la planche tu utilise toshop par exemple, tu active les grilles (config a 256 ou 128). Du coup tu aura un snap qui correspondra a chaque décals. Copier/Coller sur une nouvelle image toshop (1024/1024 ou 512/512 …) et save en targa comme d’ab. ce sont des planches en 2048/2048 donc tu ne perdra pas en qualité. Voila ^^ (une façon de faire).


  3. @Dark

    Don’t ask him bro, he already mentioned he don’t want to bother with that kind of question & to look on the Net for tuts.


    Salut toi 🙂 Merci pour l’info, je crois comprendre le processus. Toutefois, je ne comprends pas le truc de toshop ??? Je ne trouve pas ce produit sur Google. C’est un logiciel ? Merci d’éclairer mes antennes lol 😀


  4. Haha too late Stevie bro ^^ But he was kind enough to answer 🙂

    From Nobiax:

    2 ways :
    – cut it with 2d software (gimp or photoshop)
    – or play with the UVs coordinates

    Exemple with UDK:
    – TextCoord [0.25,0.25] (mostly, depends of size f.e. the top 3rd right would be [0.125,0.25], the top 4th right [0.625,0.25] )
    – 2 Vectors [0,0] ([0.25,0] for the top 2nd right, [0.5,0] for the top 3rd right etc…)
    – Mix both of them together with an “Add” function and connect it to the “UVs” of the textures samples.


  5. Here’s how you have to setup your UE3 material properly:

    This is working for all square decals, the rectangular will require a slightly more advanced material.



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