Lili, a upcoming game for mobile gaming

Really like the visual, sounds, music and simple gameplay of this upcoming game 😀

BitMonster’s first game, Lili, is a quirky Adventure Game / RPG hybrid for iOS devices. On the mysterious island of Geos, Lili will meet some crazy folk and explore one of the most beautiful environments you’ll see on an iOS device. Maybe she’ll even challenge an oppressive regime and conquer a few personal issues for good measure. Lili features an amusing “non-combat” system for dealing with enemies, loads of item collection, humorous character interactions, minigames, and a streamlined RPG campaign. It’s an adventure that is appropriate for nearly anyone and yet won’t give up its soul to achieve that goal. Lili is currently in the final steps of production and will be available in the coming weeks on app store!

Head over the official website for more details. Or follow the Facebook page.


  1. Really excited for this game! Love Lee Perry’s work and hope he is really successful with this title.

    What are your thoughts on it being developed on UE4 since he used to work at Epic? That’s my theory anyway 😉


  2. I think he and some of the team (previous Epic employes if I’ve read correctly) will be able to use well the UE4 features because they use the last engine since the beginning beeing Epic employes.

    It remind me of the Nintendo 64 type game in term of atmosphere & cartoonish visuals. But ofc, on a much prettier engine 🙂


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