Coma: a First Person Puzzle game, coming on Steam

And another awesome puzzle game to be release on Steam and made only by 2 guy’s ! 😮

In Coma we will venture inside the mind of a man deeply in coma. He did something horrible in the past, something he can’t forgive himself for. He will have to overcome his remorse in order to rise back to consciousness and back to life. It will be a game with a beautiful style that will dig deep into the human mind, unlike anything released nowadays. A First Person Puzzle.

Find all info at the official homepage here.

If your interested to contribute to their project, they’re located here.

Enjoy the official debut trailer 😀


  1. This game looks very interesting indeed! I’ve never come across it before. I hope they get the funding they need to finish it as I’m sure it will make a big impact. Apparently development in Spain too? Best of luck to them! Nice link Steve 🙂


  2. Yeah, I hope too they will have all the funds needed 🙂 It’s the second time I see this kind of dev, studio demanding for funds & it seem to work.

    Happy you like it Pete 😀


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