The desert by Andrew Maximov

Another fantastic project to enjoy 😀

Not only this project is something spectacular but what is particular it’s that all materials don’t use any diffuse map, which is something rather non conventional ?! Personally, only that is astonishing when looking at the video & I wouldn’t never know diffuse map didn’t been used ! From the author :

It’s a real-time environment that does not use any dedicated RGB diffuse textures. I thought there was an opportunity for us to improve the way we make our games technically, production-wise and maybe even visually to an extent so with this personal project I really pushed the idea of “procedural” materials. As much as I was working hard making a visual work of art I also pushed it to make a technological statement that says “we could do well without diffuse maps”.

Now I’ve composed a whole paper that describes the technology, the concept and the reasoning behind it: both technical and artistic. Please feel free to get it RIGHT HERE and if you have ideas on the subject I’ll be more than happy to discuss them.) I really want to try and figure out why this technology could or couldn’t be implemented on a full scale game and your input would be invaluable.

Andrew Maximov website
Epic thread

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