UDK, Environment and LD showcase: Clock work

This project is mind blowing, posted by Shalivan on Epic forums. It is not a flyby video but a gameplay video. I share it because I simply love the environment (audio / video / effects / etc) 😀

His words : Last time I spend some of my “after work” hours to prepare production pipeline based on Unreal3 and environment showcase. The Goal was to create realtime level with climate mood and some level design ideas. Level has no typical gameplay elements. It should entertain you itself. All of content (except few small meshes taked from U3 (just cause of time)) was created by me. From conception, concepts, models, materials, scripting, postprocesing, creating build and so on.. The level is fully playable demo (proper collision and optimization (av 85 fps on my pc). Great music was created especially for this project, and was written by my good friend Marcin “Kwazi” Przyłowicz. We are still waiting for mastering to create small EP, with music and some remixes. The all works take 3 months of “after hour” works. Of course there are a lot of stuff which can be improved, and the quality of all models is not best it can be. But most of things was caused by time. Project was closed at March this year. Hope you enjoy.

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