50 000 visits reached !

Wow 50 000 views / visits since Stevie’s Corner is born, I’m happy 😀

When I moved from Epic forums by creating my blog, I had reached that amount of views and at the time, the game was pretty popular and the forums crowded so it wasn’t surprising to reach that views amount. Now, Epic UT3 forums is almost empty, the game not very popular anymore but I’ve still reached this views amount outside Epic so I’m surprise and happy 🙂

THX for those who visit my blog from time to time, it keep me motivated to share awesome stuff instead of keeping all that great content only for myself 🙂

A special THX for those who post their comments once in a while, it’s appreciated more than you know.

Have a good day readers 🙂


  1. 😦 it was cake that said BAD ASS haha.
    Nothing special 😛

    Hey bro, just a question, are you available for private communication somehow?
    Perhaps on Xfire or through mail?
    I have a couple of questions which i rather ask through pm.


  2. Bad ass LOL

    I’m pleased :p 😉

    For private conversation, the only way is by Facebook if you have an account there ? It as been ages I didn’t reinstall Xfire ! Add me to your FB friends list (Steve Loiselle with Bugs Bunny profil pic at the moment).


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