DM-Mégane, post # 2 – buildings

This post is to show a bit the surrounding buildings you’ll see around the map.

I started to look which stock deco meshes I can use for the surrounding. When I look at them, well, they don’t fit my needs.

1 – They are heavy resource wise, counting 3000 – 4000 poly’s.
2 – City building meshes are composed of many small building meshes that most small meshes aren’t good looking, they look very low detailed.
3 – While all those city meshes are often use at a certain distance from the main play area (that is why they don’t need to be very detailed), we don’t notice their low details so it is fine habitually but in my case, the building are very close to the play area so it look very bad.

To resolve this issue, I’ve decided to make many BSP buildings that are the closer to the play area since they are ‘in your face’, I will be able to make some good looking materials with the stock textures using realistic, simple geometry. I’ve made 4 of them so far & the result is pretty much satisfying as you can see 😀

Epic WIP thread


    1. THX bud 😀

      The only custom textures are the windows you see on the brick building (red) & stone building (brown pale) in the first pic. All materials are made from stock textures.

      I can say it’s quite challenging to come up with something that look great and different without looking stock even while using stock textures !


  1. Very cool effort on those buildings. You have assembled stocks into new materials very well. The only concern I have from the screenshots are the composition. The two tall sky scrappers don’t seem to match the more tenement brown building imho. But then again I may just need more screenshots 😉

    Also if your looking for new textures I don’t mind making some for you ya.


  2. Hey bro 😀

    Yeah, I know what you mean but for this map, I intent to mix some urban materials like brick / stone with some clean one like glass / tech.

    Pretty much like when your going old town & look at urban stuff & go to downtown when you find more modern architecture.

    I make lot’s of tests & it look already nicer. But don’t worry, I’ll come up with something better 😉

    THX for the offer but I’ll see what I’ll come up with & if I need some help, I’ll ask.

    THX for sharing your concern bro 🙂


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