Simon Pennington – Midgard environment

6 month of work all by himself! No less than stunning ! It is a unique environment. His attention to details is astonishing. Nothing to say more than it’s a damn huge WOW in all aspects (not only visuals). The vid last 10 mins. It’s longer than most vid but it worth it.

I must add that when I read comments that people find this kind of level “Nice”, it make me sick / angry 😦 I mean, come on damn it, show your appreciation & use the correct terms, “Nice” isn’t appropriate for such a level, awesome is the bare minimum to say.

Simon Pennington website.
Epic thread.


  1. O may gaz this map only made by a guy ?? 6 months?? wow this guy has put a lot lof love in this work Steve do you imagine next ut warfare with this tech? the river is wow mother of beutiful love


  2. Yeah m8, Epic as also talented guy’s like him in their studios but this kind of level won’t run well on old pc’s since it’s very heavy to render & studios must do some compromise & cut corners so levels play decently on various hardware. Indeed, the visuals are insane (water material & such) & he made other awesome environment, check is webpage 😉

    I don’t want to imagine how this level would run on my 3 years old gaming rig lol


  3. I could not agree more. Omg.
    This guy r4pes the sh1t out of UDK in every possible way.
    Such talent and skill 🙂

    I wonder what kind of rig he he has, because that map is is enourmous as well.


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