DM-Mégane, post # 1

Well, this post is concerning my next very detailed level.

The level name is Mégane, which is a French first name but for gaming naming, I remove the accent on the ‘e’.

Since it’s more convenient to show the dev & gather comments on a forum rather then a blog, I’ve made a dev thread on Epic here that I intent to update once in a while. Of course my blog will always contain the latest definitive info in the level page while the forum serve me as a WIP only.

As for the theme, It’s the first time I use a combination of brick & techy meshes & materials. I already use custom textures for the floor provide by mAlkAv!An. My inspiration come from stock maps but as always, I use my own style of mixing the assets to obtain a different look. I also want to obtain an UT99 feel to it. The blue & red colors are pretty much dominant in UT99. My goal is to obtain the classic look & feel by using colors & no saturation. The main color is yellowish & all areas use little spots of blue &/or red colors like in the old times. Expect contrast & darker lighting in many spots, like in real life.

I also plan to add many animated stuff, like broken fans, garage doors that moves, crates that goes up and down on a moving platform & such. Basic but cool 😀

I don’t have any planned release date yet. At least I can say I started this level in mid-December at the same time we’ve release the ‘UOF DM Map Pack‘.

So look at Epic thread for the dev & don’t be shy to leave constructive feedback.



  1. Mate this map reminds in someway to somw ut2k4 map it does have many atmospheric feel great work with the lightning steve wow

    You have improve a lot in mappin I love your work keep going


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