UDK, Leonard Gonzalez – Sci-Fi scene

This is one of the best of the best sci-fi scene I saw since many years 😀 This scene as been completely done by Leonard Gonzalez, a very talented guy.

From the author:

“This is an environment I created for my new demo reel. It was inspired by one of my favorite games, Mass Effect 2. The environments in that game and the sky boxes are simply staggering to say the least. I decided I wanted to create a clean, futuristic space that could be used in a game like Mass Effect. I planned everything out with some concept sketches and diagrams I drew up on paper, then collected hundred of images for reference.” You can find more explanation on Vimeo & his homepage.

Note: vimeo don’t allow me to post a vid in HD so you must watch it on vimeo to enjoy it in HD 😦

– His homepage.
– There is his WIP thread on Epic he made to gather feedback and constructive criticism.
– I add this trailer in my Awesome users projects page.

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