Nobiax’s static meshes (SM) converted to ASE for UT3 / UDK

My buddy Achernar, on Epic forums, created the pack to give prominence to open source artist Nobiax. He converted all the SM to ASE format + add lightmap + add collision models. This will help map makers who are not familiar with 3D Modeling packages make full use of his work.

Be warned: The pack include only the ASE files so visit Nobiax site to get the textures. Links are provided below the preview shots and in the include Read Me.htm

I THX him for the pack because I saw those nice assets months ago but the original file format can’t be use with UT3 editor, only UDK for the moment. I could only use the textures packs in my current maps but not the SM, which I can now & I’m really happy. THX a lot Nick aka Achernar 😀

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