Request to Epic for porting UT3 to UDK for the PC!

My friend Lord_PorkSword on Epic forums create a thread requesting to Epic for porting UT3 to UDK for the PC.

It’s not the first time it has been asked but… personally, I keep seeing awesome UDK projects on Epic & BU, honestly, I’m getting bored to work with an outdated editor seeing so many beautiful things made withing UDK which is a free tool when me, have payed for 50$ a game that use the same editor. Lord_PorkSword ask Epic if they’d consider porting UT3 to the UDK engine for the PC?

This is what I posted :

Yep, the update from UT2003 to UT2004 worth every penny I paid for. There is no reason it can’t be done from UT3 to UDK. The only thing missing in UDK are the stock assets & few minors things.

I guess Epic isn’t interested to put time on their best ingame editor to date because they put all their time in GOW3. Shame because UT3 is dying, they don’t realize that without the PC community, no matter how good the game is, it doesn’t live eternally. Without a community, all game dies, that’s reality & if they want this game to live & keep the interest for the next UT, we, the community need an up-to-date editor so we can build maps & such.

I’m 200% with you LPS, it is quite legitimate to ask & demonstrate that all those who put their personal time to build something for this game worth something.

I would pay for the upgrade without hesitating! By showing your support, everyone wins. Mappers will have the opportunity to build much prettier stuff while players will be able to enjoy all that new stuff.

If you don’t care or think nothing can / will be done, don’t post defeatist comments like “this will never happen bla bla bla”. We all already know this and that type of attitude will never get this request anywhere. Everything is possible and maybe there’s a slim chance if enough support is shown to breath new life into this dying game.

As another dude of mine mentioned ; the only way is to show Epic that theres a solid core around UT3 with hope, support & enthusiasm… not a bunch of coldpissers always complaining about what is missing, never happy of what they have and also trying to answer at the place of Epic itself.

Show your support here 😀


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