My mapping status, April 2011

Now that Windows 7 is installed & running since 1 week on my main pc, I’ve been able to install most of my apps & that include my most important app which is Sound Forge 8 for my audio editing. I’m still have a new problem while using it but it shouldn’t be to long before I resolve it.

I also fix my UT3 lag issue (long delay when I saved my maps) & manage to load the game as fast as it was in WinXP (it took much more time to load if you remember my previous post).

So I’m back on mapping 😀

I made some good progress in CTF-Citius lately & I post some pics in my UOF thread 🙂

I also done a bit of progress on DM-Amyrade but have nothing new to show yet 😦

I’m playing Uncharted on my new PS3 & I really like the game so far, love the gfx & it’s quite inspiring to make another Derelict map, a DM this time…

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