DM-Cipe by Cr4zy, added in my hot stuff!

Believe it or not, this is a HOLP base map so that mean it’s mostly a BSP level & not a full meshed one!

I’m seriously impress by the brush work, it’s really outstanding & also all the other aspects (emitters, particles, materials, music, ambient sounds, footstep sounds, etc) are well made. Not only everything blend well together but add the lighting to all that, it’s really fantastic 😀

There is something very cool. The preview pic is animated, video-like. The first map that introduce this cool feature was DM-Glacial by Chonglee (aka Moonflyer) which Moonflyer is part of the testers. So it’s not new but different from the rest add something nice to the final package 🙂

I can’t say really nothing negative except 2 small things according to my pov of course.

1. Many ammo are much to close to wall while there is plenty of space around them?
2. There is a Necris arch SM that imo don’t fit with the rest.

So anyway, this is really an outstanding map. It as been in dev since months & it shows!

The links :

Homepage, BU, Epic, UOF

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