DM-Syndrome by DeathoX 8, another great HOLP (part of LD 20 brush contest volume 1)

This is another map that as been submitted to the “ first 20 brush contest. The idea behind this contest is to see what mappers from different communities can produce when following some very limiting rules. I did a match on this one & it’s a fun one indeed & also look good 😀

Words from the author :

Pretty simple industrial Duel map created for the 20 brush contest. This map has 16 brushes, 4 InterpActors and the sky dome Static Mesh.

The layout isn’t very complex, due to the brush limitations I had to avoid using too many slanted surfaces for ramps and floors, but it’s still quite fun and has plenty of Z-Axis.

Don’t expect next-gen graphics and effects in this map, but despite the brush limit I tried to make it look as pretty as possible. Some textures (I used Hourences’ HourKraden set) have been upscaled a bit too much, but I didn’t have time to search for suitable replacements. I had to rush a bit to meet the deadline, so there are some little bits that I would have liked to refine a bit more, but overall the map is pretty complete.

Grab the map on :

Official or BU or Epic page.

I really like the map & I add it in my hot stuff page, HOLP section 😀

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