Odedge site as been completely redone, check it out !

My good friend Jeff aka Odedge as redone is website recently.

I’m proud to be his friend, he’s one of the dude who help a lot of individuals in the community & his comments are always constructive for those who don’t know him. He provide me enormous help in my first map (remember DM-Station 12 ?) & without his precious help, I sincerely don’t think I would still make maps today. I’m very grateful for your contant help my Jeff 😀

He have this website since a while but now he moved on WordPress which is also my host & while he move, the site as been completely redone so I think it’s a good time you check his website out if you didn’t already do 😉


CG for your new improved site my friend 🙂

One comment

  1. Thanks for the “shout out” my friend. The site is up and running to it’s former glory.

    I do remember your first map and the odd bot issue and the not being able to use fallback materials on BSP/static meshes.

    Remember why I helped you? : )


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