Orion, a HL2 mod release the complete soundtrack free to all

I love to found new sounds & music. Listening stuff from the 40’s to today, my music tastes is extremely wide.

I found new stuff all the time. If I found something interesting on the Net (by staying legal of course) that I can share, well I’m please to inform everyone of that new stuff.

So this post is to let you know that the complete Orion soundtrack from this HL2 mod as been release to the public. Marcus Zuhr, Ben Gaskell, and Uncle Bob are the artists behind the soundtrack. In general the tracks are very nice but it seem that 3 tracks of the 21 available are corrupt when I downloaded them with Firefox ?

But anyway, you can download all the files directly here (in the Offical Orion Soundtrack section) on the official downloads page & check the official page for more info about the mod. If you want to comment to show your support & appreciation as I did, you can do it here.


  1. Your welcome 😀

    But it look like the mod website as been updated so all the info as change place ! I did some search in there forums to found the new place to update the download link but in vain 😦

    Shame for those who didn’t had the time to download & listed the tracks.


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