DM-Aly will be updated to 1.1 version

When I originally publish the final 1.0, I wasn’t truly satisfied with the visuals but I released it because it was still visually decent & I didn’t know how to make it look better. Now, after working a lot on the ‘NE’ & the ‘NE FPS’ going back to the day Edition, I was able to truly make it look how I wanted in the first place. I rework lot’s of things & with this 1.1 version and now I’m satisfied 😀

This is all the changes :

. Tweak culling & collisions values on big rocks outside the play area.
. Tweak lightning in general. It’s more blueish than before, a subtle change & also change some settings on mesh / materials.
. Tweak postprocessing effect of the map in general (Bloom, DOF, etc).
. Tweak water postprocessing volume (Udamage pool & deadly waterfall).
. Add blocking volume near the Sniper, the Stinger, the Shock, the lift near the helmet & from the RL weapon base location to the helmet to enhance flow.
. Add custom barrels & other visual stuff.
. Remove all lanterns & replace them with torches / torches holders & all torches as there own fire sound & will inflict 5 points of damage. There isn’t as many torches as the NE version. Only half of them to add some colors / contrast.
. Remove the glass on the floor in the RL building so you can shoot trough.
. Open up the small wall near the Bio to enhance gameplay.
. Replace stock jumpad (the default one as a default sound) with the ‘mute’ one (no default ambient sound).
. Redone sky dome material.
. Redone preview screen.

Since lot’s of people like my fire emitter from the ‘NE’, I decide to add a couple of them but not as many as the ‘NE’ so hopefully FPS shouldn’t be to much affected 🙂

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