DM-Aly Night Edition as been updated to 1.1 version

While finishing up the FPS version, I notice some little things I didn’t notice when I publish the regular NE. I fix those & update the map.

Mirrors are still at 1.0 version but I don’t doubt they will be updated shortly.

Here are the changes :

. Adjust all postprocessing effects outside the play area once again. It’s more black & white than blueish
. Adjust culling & collisions values on big rocks outside the play area
. Add more blocking volume from the RL weapon base location to the helmet location
. Tweak the torch material

Take note that this is all minors things & wasn’t a big deal of a time to address. It took me around 4 hours to do the job, update the files & upload them. I done it because I’m a perfectionist & if stuff need to be polished, it will be. It wasn’t long to do at all, so enjoy 😀

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