DM-Aly Night Edition is now available & published on UOF forums – UPDATED

The map is now available. You can read my WIP page here on my blog to know what as been done in details & you can access my thread on UOF forums right here 😀


  1. After some great feedback of my UOF friends, the NE version isn’t performing very well on older hardware. It run bad enough to push me to release another NE version with less visuals goodies to accommodate those aging PC’s. FPS problem are caused by 2 things :

    . Lot’s of flame / smoke emitters
    . Lot’s of dynamic lights

    So this is what I decide to do, I’ll make 2 NE versions which are :

    NE = The current version that include flame & smoke emitters with dynamic lights (flickering) for high end PC’s.
    NE FPS = Same version with only ±4 emitters with all standard lights (no flickering at all) for low / mid level PC’s.

    That way the NE version should perform well on every hardware.


  2. Now that the NE is published, I’ll start the ‘NE FPS’ which won’t take to long to do. I expect to release the final withing ±2 weeks. Again, my UOF friends will be the first one to play it.


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