DM-Nano – Make Something Unreal Phase 4 best graphics in map finalists !

I’ve been informed that DM-Nano as been listed as one of the finalists in MSUC P4 best graphics in map category. This means that I’m in with a chance to be in the top 5 prize winners for this category! 😀

You can see the finalists on Epic official post. I’m very surprise to be in the finalist & very happy at the same time. The submitted version is Beta 1 & I wish I had more time at the time to submit the final instead before the deadline. But anyway, this little happy moment of mine deserve at least a little post 😀


  1. You might want to edit that, “I’ve been informed that DM-Nano as been able to reach the 6th place in MSUC P4 best graphics in map category”, saying that your map had reached the 6th place might confuse people since it’s only placed 6th in order of name. 😛


  2. I’m not sure how i found this site, by luck .. i followed a tutorial from Odedge’s site when i recognized your name. 🙂

    I told you before on another forum that “i had complete confidence in your mapping abilities”

    You rock dude! this is a great honor IMO.

    P.S. Merry Christmas bud.


  3. MSU Phase 4 winners as been announced

    Sadly, Nano didn’t win anything. Shame, but the fact my beta as been able to be in the 10 finalists is already something great !!! A bit of $$$ would had been welcomed but anyway. CG to all winners which are 😀

    # First place: The Haunted: Lost Temple by Michael Hegemann and The Haunted team (Prize: $5,000)
    # Second place: CTF-CBP3-Antediluvian by Daniel Rozanski (Prize: $2,000)
    # Third place: CDOM-CBP3-Saip by Mario Marquardt (Prize: $1,500)
    # Fourth place: DM-After infection by Damian Stempniewski (Prize: $1,000)
    # Fifth place: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm – Space_Ixion by the AFF: Planetstorm team (Prize: $500)


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