DM-Aly re-released for PS3 !

I didn’t get any comments / feedback at all from the PS3 players when I release beta 1. The beta was available for many weeks here, on Epic & UOF forums. I publish the final last week, 1 player as comment on Epic forums saying that it hang at the loading screen (seem like a commun prob for maps using Titan pack assets). Since I don’t have the console + the cooking process did work flawlessly + no one had care to post something, I can’t test the map & I assume it would work fine so I publish the map.

A member on Epic forums as been able to made the map work, so ALL the PS3 credits belong to him & he is mention in the text file (I have reasons not to mention is member name here), THX very much dude 😀 The map as now been updated & officially work fine on the PS3. It’s the same as the PC version which is 1.0. Nothing as been changed so the re-released is symply a working version. Enjoy 🙂

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