Fear mechanism (2.0) by Cloud of judgement

Fear mechanism (2.0) is another great music track to add to your UT4 music collection made by Uglješa Stevanović aka. Cloud of judgement 😀 The first release (1.0) was only available in MP3. After requesting him the WAV file in private, he kindly give it to me and release it to the public after, your lucky readers 😉

To listen the music and download the WAV file, head over Soundcloud. You can post your comment at his Epic thread. You can download the FLAC file by clicking (DL) 🙂

Note: the WAV 2.0 from Soundcloud is made for the game (loop listening). My Flac version have a nice fade in/out with a higher output volume, a 6 Db boost (casual listening).

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