Sun daze by Shivaxi

Shivaxi is a gamer, music producer, DJ, photographer, film maker, actor. His music style is mostly DnB. Not that I’m a particular fan of this style but I think it fits UT when it is well made 😀

Most of Shivaxi’s UT music tracks are built for gaming, not for casual listening. They are made to be use in maps with continuous looping. Shivaxi also collaborate a lot with other music composer like Archer6621, Cybernetika, Mellow Sonic to name a few.

So, I add Shivaxi’s Sun daze (UT edit 1.0) music track to my UT4 music collection, I edited the track from the original WAV file, compressed it in Flac, completed all the information and then uploaded the file to my GoogleDrive account. All that for casual listening. You’ll be able to truly enjoy Sun daze (UT edit 1.0) in a lossless format.

To listen the track, head over Soundcloud. To leave your comments, go here. Finally, download the track by clicking (DL). Enjoy !

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