Great music tracks by Shivaxi and collaborators

Shivaxi is a music composer and is music style is mostly DnB (Drum & Bass). I’m not a particular fan of this style but I think it can be a very good style for UT when it is well made 🙂

Most of Shivaxi’s UT music tracks are built for gaming, not for casual listening. They are made to be use in maps with continuous looping. A while ago, I asked him if he could release a non-loopable version of his tracks but he prefer to release the tracks only to be heard in loop. Shivaxi also collaborate a lot with other music composer like Archer6621, Cybernetika, Mellow Sonic to name a few. He also do remix which I also add to my UT4 music collection.

So, since I wanted to add Shivaxi’s music tracks to my collection, I knew I had to edit all of them for casual listening which I did today. Being an audiophile, I’ve made a Flac file from the original WAV file, complete all the information for each file and then upload all files to my GoogleDrive account. So, as a gift, you will be able to truly enjoy Shivaxi’s tracks in a lossless format (Flac) and each with a nice ending 🙂 All tracks can be download by clicking (DL). Enjoy the tracks 😀

Cybernetika – Antares (Shivaxi remix 2.0) (DL)
Cybernetika and One Arc Degree – Nether Moon (Shivaxi UT Edit) (DL)
Mellow Sonic and Shivaxi – UT menu theme Redux 2015 (1.0) (DL)
Shivaxi – Ice melt (UT4 edit) (DL)
Shivaxi – Into the fray (1.0) (DL)
Shivaxi – Payback (1.0) (DL)
Shivaxi – Piano dreams (UT edit 2.0) (DL)

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