Awesome music tracks by Nonemm

Fabian Joosten aka. Nonemm is a music composer for games, film, advertisement and more.

He made music tracks that are officially part of the game and few music tracks for UT4 community maps. All of them are truly awesome 😀 Therefore, the community maps music files wasn’t available for download, only the Soundcloud links was given to the community. I loved the tracks but the Souncloud audio quality sound honestly like crap 😦

Being an audiophile and loving Fabian’s work, I ask him if he wouldn’t mind to give me the original WAV files, which he kindly did 😀 Even more, he give me the permission to share the original WAV file with you all !

So, as a gift, you will be able to truly enjoy his tracks in a lossless format (Flac). Found out why and more at my UT4 custom music page. Here are the tracks :

Erase (1.0)
Soundcloud, Thread, (DL)

Hydraulics (1.0)
Soundcloud, Thread, (DL)

Lea (1.0)
Soundcloud, (DL)

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