Awesome music tracks by Jo.7

Kristian Huuki aka. Jo.7 is another of my favorite UT4 music creator. He made few music tracks for UT4 so far and I must say they are all awesome 😀 His music thread contain all of his UT4 music tracks. I strongly suggest you listen to them and give your feedback 😉 The music tracks are also available on Soundcould.

All the tracks below have been compress in Flac from the original WAV file. I completed all the information for each file and then upload all files to my GoogleDrive account. You can find all of them in my UT4 custom music page 🙂

The available tracks are : CrashSite (2.0), Next Phase (2.0), Outpost 23 (8.0), Outside (1.0), Shared Dig (4.0) and This is Izanagi (1.0). Enjoy 🙂

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