What’s up Stevie !!! (November 2013)


I’m glad I finally finished the two maps planned for the next UOF Map Pack (UOF5). This is DM-Mako-L2 and Greed-Mégane Winter Edition. I am very proud of Greed-Mégane WE as it is in my opinion the best of my maps at all levels and I have worked hard to achieve this! But I can reveal the release date of this pack. So, to follow…

I started another low poly (BSP) map since some months now which I didn’t found a name yet. This map is using the ‘Quake 4, PK02 texture set’ by Philip Klevestav. This is the official preview of the pack :

And also some work in progress pictures :

Stevie’s corner site,

I’ve made many changes under the 3D / Arts main section. You will find a completely revamped Artist page 🙂

In the UT3 world,

I note that despite several recent publications on BU / Epic forums, threads are almost empty of comments despite there are hundreds of views ? This is very discouraging for level designers 😦 Although we build maps for us at first, it is important to get the community support, otherwise it give absolutely nothing to release something on a forum if no one share their comment ! Players, it takes 10 seconds to write something constructive while we, level designers, take us months to build a quality map. So comment if you want to download other maps in the future ! Do not wait until the forums are empty before doing it 😉

In the UDK world,

Although a little slow since the past months, very interesting projects continue to appear on the Epic and Polycount forums. I am amazed to see so many quality projects. This is great !


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