UOF LP Map Pack comments and reviews

Since the re-release of the pack, the team can be proud of their latest pack simply because comments are very positive on UOF, on Epic forums and on Facebook. SkaarjMaster, a well know member of many Unreal forums and renowned for his reviews comments on all maps in the pack which is as follow :

Awesome map pack!

The UOF team has done it again. 🙂

CTF-Jigoku By DarK, Mclogenog and Sébastien Nova. Clean lines, nice trim, no fluff, great layout and flow; like the oriental symbols, music choice, color variations with base indications, weapon/item placement and z-axis; tough bots and mine can defend well; layout can be confusing at times, so study the map first.

CTF-Rising By DarK, I like the squares/blocks (interesting…Legos…no…wait…it’s something else), cool trim to indicate bases, music choice, “ads/banners”, good layout and clean lines. This is a large map with z-axis with holy moly, tough bots (esp. Slain, and mine can defend) and also fun.

CTF-Tengoku By Mclogenog. It sticks to the theme of the pack again with clean lines, nice trim, almost subtle color indicators for bases, great layout and flow, and a good music choice. It’s a little darker with nice shadows and z-axis. The bots are a little easier in this one and mine have a tough time defending.

DM-Animus By DarK. It’s a slight departure from the theme so far, but love the lighting/shadows, torches and skybox. Is that a river/waterfall of sand? It has cool music and lots of z-axis. The bots are tough and this is a fun TDM map, but better find a decent weapon quick.

DM-Atori By Sébastien Nova. This one has eerie music, cool design and z-axis. Looks like it’s back to the clean lines and trim again with better shadows/lighting and a space skybox. This map reminds me a little of Phobos, but just a little. It made for an interesting match with all the buzzing and other sound effects. The bots are good but could be slightly better.

DM-Diabolical By Lord PorkSword. The preview shot took a few seconds to come up in the game. This must be the token Q3-themed map of the bunch with all the upside-down crosses, lava, lava bombs, dark sky and such. Wait a minute, it even has upside-down crosses on obelisks. Let’s not forget the good metal beat/riff music as well as the obvious serious z-axis going on (this is not lacking in any of the maps in this pack). I like the tough bots, thick fog at times and the fun TDM battles.

DM-Genki By Mclogenog. This one starts out and I noticed the bright white and light blue skybox with singularity. It probably has the least amount of z-axis of the bunch and a good music choice. The bots need work and I love the sounds in here, but my wife’s not a big fan. 😀

DM-Unlimited By DarK. I saw the Quake symbol, but not really a Quake-themed map. Looks like it’s back to the clean lines and stuff, but the trim is busy in spots and the crazy blocks go all the way up. It’s a mess of colors and lighting, but oddly it seems to work. This map has plenty of z-axis, but needs more weapon pickups. The bots are good in here and lots of fun.

Thank you for the maps!

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