Ether One: The restorer trailer

Can’t stop myself to share this second trailer of this upcoming game planned to be release this summer 😀

You can vote for this game to come out on Steam Greenlight here. To have more info on the company, look at White Paper Games. Enjoy the awesome media and the restorer trailer 🙂


  1. wooooooooooooo!!!

    Just got an email notification about this! So exciting to see my inbox get a message about my own game 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning it Steve! Appreciate the support 😀


    1. Hey Pete 😀

      I thought you would be happy to see my post since I know your working on this game 😉

      Honestly, it look awesome, sound & feel very promising too so I’m more than happy to support you in my way in this project 🙂


  2. Well thank you very much! It’s very cool to see from Unreal legends like yourself!

    I’m thinking about making our HUB section (see image) into a DM level as a cool little project after release. You can’t see too well from the image but I’ll be sure to let you know if we decide to and if you’re not too busy you could give us a little input 😉


    1. Unreal legend, wow, quite a compliment ! Unreal veteran would be more appropriate haha 🙂

      The concept art is awesome & the scale would be perfect for a WAR map. Size do matter for selecting the appropriate gametype. I can imagine flying around this type of environment would be freaking great ! Of course, to be helpful, it must be a UT3 level 😮


  3. Well all the stuff you guys do for the Unreal community is excellent all the same! 😀

    The concept is actually a paint over of the blockmap – its all over the place at the moment (you know how development goes 😉 ) it looks like someone has gone and ripped chunks out of it, haha. But I definitely think it would work in some kind of cool multi-player map – interesting you recommend WAR. I checked it out and BSP can be copied and pasted into UDK from UT3, excellent stuff – sometimes it just doesnt like UDK stuff in there.

    We should definitely do something like that when things settle down 🙂


    1. Hé hé 🙂

      Indeed BSP can be exported / imported in all version of the editor AFAIK. Still, the geometry you have in this pic would required lot’s of meshes because BSP is limited to walls & floor (simple shape). It can be a tad complex but isn’t made to replace meshes. Since this would be a very large map, your meshes would have to be lightmapped to make this kind of level playable & good looking. I’m confident it can be made seeing how your game look !


  4. I just quickly threw this together without any light building or anything but just to show you – its already meshes and lightmapped 😉 HOWEVER – In UDK 😦 Will have to reimport into UT3 but it would definitely work, be interesting to see.. A nice project to put on the backburner, I’ll be sure to let you know when I get round to it 🙂


    1. From those pics, it already look interesting. Most of the geometry are very simple & can be easily done with BSP. I woul like to see this world in UT3 someday 😮 😀


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