Ether One – Introduction to the game

This game look & feel amazing 😀

You can vote for this game to come out on Steam Greenlight here. To have more info on the company, look at White Paper Games. Enjoy the Ether Greenlight teaser trailer 😀


  1. Steve! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love your work along with all the resources you give to the community. You do a really great job.

    I get email notifications when you update stuff.. Imagine my surprise when I see my game title in the notification when I’ve just woken up! Thank you so much for posting about our game and we really appreciate the support! Hopefully you’ve helped us get a few more votes! Every vote counts on Greenlight and we appreciate every single one 😀

    Continue the awesome work Steve!



  2. Hey Pete 🙂

    THX a lot bud and I’ll continue to do my best to release / promote HQ stuff 😀

    I didn’t know you are working on this game! It must be very pleasing to read this post in your mail inbox indeed!

    I’m happy to know my post as help you gain more vote on Steam, sincerely.

    THX for stopping by & share your happiness with me, it is very pleasing to read 🙂


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