Killing Floor summer sideshow 2012, on steam July 5th to July 23rd

Love the trailer, so well made 😀 Also, the expansion sound damn awesome so give it a run !!!

School’s out, the sun is shining and summer is finally here, which means it’s time for Tripwire Interactive’s Annual “Summer Sideshow” event!

You all know how this works by now. We’re taking you all to the carnival – a Killing Floor carnival, of course. Last summer, you all had the chance to take a pleasant evening stroll around the sideshow tents, taking the time to view the exhibits, buy a snack – or become one.

Well, this year, we have a wonderful little ride for you. The Hellride. Normally, it is billed as a chance to take your loved ones on a light-hearted ride through Heaven and Hell, enjoying the cherubs watching benignly over you, or having the crap scared out of you by Dante-esque little devils. All very educational, naturally. Needless to say, “it all went wrong”. Again. So now you’re going to have to stroll through the Hellride on your own two feet, killing everything that moves. And if it scares you too much, there will NOT be any refunds!

Find all info at the official homepage here. Buy the game here.

Enjoy the official 2012 trailer 😀

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