Ballistic weapons mods and mutators for UT2004

It amaze me to see that HQ stuff are still released for UT2004 😀 So this about ‘Sergeant Kelly’s BW Bonus Pack V9’. From Runestorm:

“Introducing the third installment of Sergeant Kelly’s Ballistic Weapons Bonus Pack!

Featuring an additional 18 weapons from the previous version to bring the total up to 34 new weapons!

This time around we decided to add the new and amazing Camouflage System (offline play only) that gives some of the new weapons a random chance of having a spiffy new paint job and enhanced/different stats when you grab them!

With new weapons ranging from fists to .75 cal Anti-Tank rifles (my personal fave), you’ll be sure to find hours of new and exciting fun with our arsenal of weapons.

We personally believe that when you have 81 weapons in total, to try and balance them all out would result in a bland variety of near identical guns, so we opted for the more over-the-top route to give every spin of the mouse wheel an exciting and different weapon!”

More info at MODDB or visit the official site 🙂

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