The Crucible v. 1.2 released!

This is one of the top mod to have in your favorite UT3 mods list ! Was looking forward this new version 😀

Just released today, grab it on the official website 🙂

FYI, this is the complete features list :

The Crucible 1.2 requires no previous version to be installed, and includes the award winning Crucible weapons, characters, maps and more:

– The MSUC awarded weapons, plus, the Thor Lightning Gun and unlockable Dual Swords.
– Award winning characters, the Savior, Crusader, Skeleton Minion, Zombie, Hel and Gargoyle.
– Road Rage gametype adds berserk vehicle combat.
– 8 new maps including 2 Road Rage maps.
– Bloody new gore system.
– New movement system adds new dimension.
– New items replace the stock content, such as Armors, Health and certain powerups.
– Various customizable options such as Un-desaturation, Health Regen and more.
– New HUD in some gametypes.

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