Official Hawken trailer

I didn’t start to play with UDK but I certainly watch many projects since some time now which are trailers, mods, characters, future retail games & such. While I see many beautiful WIP’s, I like to share with my visitors what I really enjoyed & had a “WOW” while watching / reading it !

Epic UDK forums is what Epic UT’s forums was many years ago, meaning it’s very active & the number of stuff that “pop out” is really amazing like in the old UT’s days 😀

So, I have this trailer to share, this awesome footage is from Hawken, it is made from an Indie studio, made from scratch with only 9 guy’s over the course of 9 months ! The game is a multiplayer Mech combat game. The focus is on creating an intense and enjoyable battle experience that captures the feeling of piloting a heavy war machine while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic.

You can find all info on the official website here 🙂

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